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Used them to install my diesel heater in my trailer. Anyone that has used my PHLiBit bits ask where I have got them . Very impressed with the quality.


It has a high good quality. I have to use two before I got this one, but I can only use one now. It is more convenient to change. Success purchase!

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Excellent Quality. I’m an Electrician and the #2 square and #2 Star are the most common bits used. Plus being 4-6” is necessary for electrical boxes. Having them on 1 bit is the best. How can this design of this bit not been made way earlier.

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If you fix RV’s this is a MUST HAVE!!!!! This bit is a huge time saver. I fix RV’s for a living and I love these bits I’d give 10 stars if I could!!

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Strong, good grip. Lock well in the driver. Phillips side stays seated.

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Most great inventions have humble beginnings, PHLiPBiT is no different. How did we come up with a best seller?

Available now at select stores in Canada and United States