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Our Story

Most great inventions have humble beginnings, PHLiPBiT is no different. 

Spring 2018, Victoria Canada, looking at screwdriver bits, Rolf, son’s Nathan & Adam wondered how could it be better? They knew that Square & Phillips are popular screws, but changing out power bits when encountering different drives on a common project is a time consuming, frustrating experience.  At that moment the genesis of PHLiPBiT was conceived.  A Square tip on one end, Phillips on the other, after-all why buy one when you can have 2-in-1? Purpose built for impact drive machines, the problem solving “Flip & Go” convenience of PHLiPBiT saves time, money & virtually eliminates screw driving challenges.

From concept, design & delivery, we tested, improved, added variations & successfully engineered PHLiPBiT with the best qualities, features & benefits professionals demand.  Incorporating a Quick Release Hex Shank, Modified S2 Tool Steel, Unique Color Coding, Magnetic Tips, CNC Precision Fit & offering a great selection of Dual Drive, Double Ended Square, Phillips & Torx/Star combinations, PHLiPBiT has helped thousands of users drive more screws faster with less strip out.

A best seller, PHLiPBiT Original Series (Square+Phillips), TQRx Series (Torx/Star/GRK), Classic Series (Dual Drive Square or Phillips) are sold thru independent building supply stores & Amazon.  We invite interested parties to contact Preferred Industrial for information on dealer opportunities & help customers experience the power of PHLiPBiT.

PHLiPBiT, Not just a bit… A LOT BiT BETTER!