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URA-DiYr 4″


SQPH IMPACT™ – Dual Drive, Quick Release Power Bit. Purpose built to drive Square & Phillips, PHLiPBiT is the fastest, easiest solution to frustration free, rapid load screw-driving. We combined the most commonly used tips into one fully featured dual drive power bit kit.

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URA-DiYr – 4″

DiYr4 set for the US handy-person. Each bit comes equipped with common tip; PH2 Blue (8/10). PH2 mates to PH1 White (4/6), SQ2 Red ( 8/10), or PH3 Black (12/14). 4″ length covers most everyday needs. 

Unique ring band color coding for easy tip identification.


  • PH1+PH2 (White/Blue) 4″
  • PH2+PH3 (Blue/Bare) 4″
  • SQ2+PH2 (Red/Blue) 4″
  • BiTCLiP

PHLiPBiT.  Not just a bit… A LOT BiT BETTER!™

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What's Included?

PHLiPBiT PH1/PH2 + PH2/PH3 + SQ2/PH2 4″ + bitclip


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