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Preferred Industrial’s creation, the PHLiPBiT, a dual drive Square-Phillips combo impact rated bit, made it to the media! Thanks to Peace Arch News and Surrey Now Leader, we’ve received overwhelming reader interest on this simple yet amazing problem solving product. (see below to buy PHLiPBiT)

As summarized, the idea and product came about when my two sons and I were trying to figure out a better way to solve a common screw driving problem – encountering Phillips and Robertson/Square screws interchangeably in different drive sizes. If you’re a professional trades person: Electrician, Plumber, HVAC, Carpenter, Locksmith, Mechanic, Utility/Facilities Maintenance, Service Technician, Installer or a DIY-er, you know how frustrating it is to keep changing out bits back and forth, often misplacing or losing them.

Phillips and Robertson/Square screw drives are the most common, so it seemed logical to bring to market a “dual drive” quick release, impact rated bit in all sizes used in power screw drive machines. Something that you just flip to keep working!


Preferred Industrial connected with the organization that holds the patent for double ended screwdriver bits and presented the opportunity. With an enthusiastic YES, we designed and manufactured them, bringing the best power “screw driving” elements into one package. Thus, the PHLiPBiT was born.

To set the PHLiPBiT apart from the competition, we designed it with all these features:

a.  Dual Drive, Rob/Square on one end & Phillips on the other

b. 1/4″ Quick Release Hex Shank designed to fit impact rated drive machines

c.  Made from heat treated S2 Alloy Tool Steel for toughness and durability

d. Torsion Control Zone for less torque twist fatigue & failure

e.  Color-Coded, #1 Green: #4/6, #2 Red: #8/10, #3 Black: #12-1/4″ diameter screws

f.   Useful “Trade” lengths: 4″ 6″ & 10″

g.  CNC precision milled tips to hold and drive more screws with less round/strip/cam out

h.  Laser etched profile and sizing marked onto the body of the bit

i. Magnetic Tips

While it is true that reversible bits aren’t new, it’s the combination of the above features that makes PHLiPBiT unique. It complies with industry standards while giving solid performance.

As proof of the success, in the summer of 2018 every bit available sold-out within the first week. Subsequent batches have been arriving for distribution and selling out quickly.

We believe no other bit serves up all the features and benefits that PHLiPBiT does. Its more than a power bit, it’s an affordable super bit.

Try it yourself and make the PHLiP!

Not just a bit…ALOT BiT BETTER!

For more information contact us direct: 604-940-9393, M-F: 8.30 to 4pm  

For more information about PHLiPBiTs, click herePHLiPBiT Double Ended Impact Driver Bits

To BUY ONLINE, click here:CANADAorUSA/International

(Originally posted December 16, 2018)

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